How Does an RV Aqua Hot Heating System Work?

Have you recently purchased an RV and learned it has an Aqua Hot heating system and wondered, “What does that mean?” or “How does that work?”  Well, if you have asked these questions then this is the right article for you. Technically known as a hydronic heating system, it is an option or a standard […]

The Pros and Cons of RV Slideouts

If you are shopping for a new RV, you have surely seen that most models include RV slideouts. These slideouts are meant to add space to the interior of the RV while you are parked and camped but still allow the rig to be small enough to get around on the freeways. Depending on the […]

4th of July: America’s Birthday and RVs

This weekend we get to celebrate the 4th of July and America’s birthday. With that comes lots of 3 day weekend campers and RVers, hometown parades, fireworks and family time.  We thought we would share some cute photos we have seen recently of people demonstrating their patriotic love, including red, white and blue RVs and […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

You teach us how to fish… How to camp…. How to roast marshmallows… …And to enjoy life! Here’s to Moms! They make everything happen.    

National Trails Day – A Good Day for Fun and Volunteering!

Saturday, June 6, 2015 is American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day®, the country’s largest celebration of trails. National Trails Day events will take place in every state across the country and will include hikes, biking and horseback rides, paddling trips, birdwatching, geocaching, gear demonstrations, stewardship projects and more. To learn more about what is going […]

13 Essential Items to Bring When Hiking Trails

Planning a hike in the near future?  As the Arizona weather cools down, outdoor hiking increases.The Grand Canyon forest rangers conduct a lot of rescues from their trails saving hikers who underestimated the demand it would be on their body. They have some good advice on what to take on a hike. Before you head […]

Celebrate National Parks Week – April 18-26, 2015

Each spring, the National Park Service invites everyone to celebrate National Parks Week. This year, from April 18 – 26 YOU are invited to celebrate all that America’s more than 400 national parks have to offer. From diverse wildlife and iconic landscapes, to vibrant culture and rich history, our National Park System has something for […]

Common sense tips for RVing with your pets

  Our pets are family members, right? Are you considering RVing with your pet? Many RVers take their pets with them and an RV pet dos-and-don’ts checklist may help if you are considering this. When we are out in our RV, I love seeing the different dogs RVers have. Large, small, long hair, short hair…I […]

How Much Trailer Can You Tow?

Have you ever seen a very large trailer or 5th wheel and then passed it and been surprised to see THAT truck size towing THAT trailer? We have often been surprised and quite frankly, concerned. When the wrong size truck is towing a trailer / 5th wheel, it is a recipe for disaster in the […]

Planning an RV trip to the Grand Canyon

Many RVers who come to Arizona often ask, “Are there National Parks in Arizona?”. And the answer is a resounding, “Yes, the Grand Canyon!” In 1997, CNN announced a listing of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and the Grand Canyon made that list. Five million years old, 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, […]