Video! Is your AC unit ready for the summer season?

Lack of annual maintanance and damage from hail storms can greatly contribute to ac inefficiences that, over time, will lead to your ac unit no longer working. However, with a yearly maintanance check most problems can be detected and repaired leading to your ac unit lasting years longer.

You can grill just about anything!

I am always impressed by complete meals that have been made on the grill. So today I wanted to share this 2 minute video that shows a very simple way to cook rice on the grill. It looks so delish and so easy. In fact, it just may be easier than using the microwave because […]

Cooking With a Thermos While Hiking

Many RVer and campers enjoy the outdoors by hiking the nearby areas where they have camped. So how great would it be if while you were hiking, a warm lunch was cooking! Well, if you use a thermos and take a few minutes to add a few ingredients, that can happen. “How can that be?”, […]

How Much Trailer Can You Tow?

Have you ever seen a very large trailer or 5th wheel and then passed the truck that is towing it and been surprised to see THAT truck size towing THAT trailer? We have often been surprised and quite frankly, concerned. When the wrong size truck is towing a trailer / 5th wheel, it is a […]

Site Seeing America the Beautiful

What I love most about RVing is that I have the option to go off the  beaten path, as in boondocking, or see the touristy sites of our destination without having to pack /unpack my luggage with every stop. To me, RVing is the best method of travel. That being said, the toughest part about […]

Hornet’s Nest in Your Furnace

While annual maintenance recommendations may seem optional, the truth is there are things occurring in your equipment that are unseen. If equipment is left unattended, the consequences can be costly and disruptive. Watch this short video to learn why annual furnace maintenance is needed – especially before winter season!           […]

Tips for RVing with pets

Our pets are family members, right? Many RVers take their pets with them but a checklist of do and don’t may help if you are considering this. When we are out in our RV, I love seeing the different dogs RVers have with them. Large, small, long hair, short hair…I have seen them all.  And […]

Beautiful Crater Lake in Oregon

If you are developing  your summer plans perhaps you can consider a trip to Crater Lake in southern Oregon. Well known for being home to the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest in the World the lake lies inside a caldera, also know as a volcanic basin, and was created when […]

33 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Parks

Do you remember “E” tickets from Disneyland? If so then you are most likely a baby-boomer. Disney has come a long way since then and visiting the Parks, whether in FL or CA, is a must-do. A few years ago we visited Disney World in Orlando, FL and thoroughly enjoyed it. Disney is very RV/camper […]

How Much Is My RV Worth for Trade In, Used and New

Often we don’t know how to value our RV. We may overprice it because it has sentimental connections and without meaning to, that influences the value we assign a rig. Or, perhaps being aware of the repairs that have occurred along the way influences our thoughts and we assign a lower value than the rig […]