Road Trips: A favorite childhood memory

I loved the road trips my family would make from CA to AZ. The seats of the station wagon were laid flat and all of us kids piled in blankets, pillows and a few toys and spent hours talking, make-believing, and playing games like the license plate game or 20 questions. These trips make indelible […]

Site Seeing America the Beautiful

What I love most about RVing is that I have the option to go off the  beaten path, as in boondocking, or see the touristy sites of our destination without having to pack /unpack my luggage with every stop. To me, RVing is the best method of travel. That being said, the toughest part about […]

Hornet’s Nest in Your Furnace

While annual maintenance recommendations may seem optional, the truth is there are things occurring in your equipment that are unseen. If equipment is left unattended, the consequences can be costly and disruptive. Watch this short video to learn why annual furnace maintenance is needed – especially before winter season!           […]

Snowbird Friendly RV Resorts

It’s January in Arizona and I was outside enjoying a lovely 72 degrees. This type of weather won’t be happening in Michigan for quite a few more months. RVers who flock to  the southern half of the 48 states (in the yellow on the map) are affectionately called snowbirds because they arrive in fall/winter and leave […]

Visit the Best National Parks of the Southwest

We are fortunate to be in the southwest where we can enjoy great weather and beautiful parks almost year round. I say this as the so-called “polar vortex” of dense, frigid air descended upon much of the U.S. today, dropping temperatures in some parts of the country to nea Take a look at these wonderful National […]

Tips to help you sell your RV

Many of us bought a “starter RV” with a “let’s try this and see how we like it” attitude. Once RV-ing, most of us soon love the lifestyle and start looking for ways to be a full-time RV-er. But the RV you want for full-time living may require you to sell what you have before […]

Cold Weather Camping Tips

Even though it is a beautiful 75 degrees in Phoenix today (January 2), it is not so in Flagstaff or Pinetop, AZ. There is plenty of snow in AZ and using a motorhome for camping in cold-weather conditions can be lots of fun if you and the RV are prepared for the freezing temperatures. Here […]

TRAVEL: Monument Valley

 Monument Valley 2012 What does 2001: A Space Odyssey, Easy Rider, Mission Impossible II and John Wayne have in common? All had scenes shot in Monument Valley (The footage for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is used as the surface of an alien planet to which protagonist Dave Bowman travels through a stargate; 1969’s counter-culture […]