A Beginner’s Guide to Your RV Electrical System

Learn the Basics About Your RV Electrical System with Fix My RV AZ!

Learning about your RV electrical system can be a complex and confusing subject. When one of your electrical appliances inside your RV won’t turn on, or if all of them stop working suddenly, it can throw even the calmest vacationers into a panic. There can be several reasons for an electrical issue inside your RV, and the certified technicians at FixMyRVAZ want to help you decide whether or not to call a professional for help.

There are many people who still don’t fully understand the difference between amps, watts, and volts, all of which are important when troubleshooting your 12 or 120-volt RV electrical system.

The three basic units of electricity are Voltage, Current, and Resistance. Voltage is measured in Volts, Current is measured in Amps, and Resistance is measured in Ohms. To better understand the difference between the three, we compare electricity to a plumbing system. Voltage is like the water pressure inside of the pipe, the Current is equivalent to the rate of water flow, and Resistance would be the pipe size. In electrical engineering, there is an equation that states:

  • Current = Voltage / Resistance

Increasing the voltage or resistance of your electrical system will make more current flow.

Electrical power is measured in Watts. The equation for calculating this amount of electrical power is:

  • Watts = Voltage x Current

Increasing the voltage or current will generate more electrical power, or Watts.

The certified technicians at Fix My RV want to help you better understand these inner workings of your RV electrical system. Understanding the terms above will come in handy when troubleshooting any electrical issues that may arise.

Fix My RV is owned and operated by Jeff Averyt, a certified Master RV Technician that specializes in quality results and fine attention to detail. At Fix My RV we take the time to thoroughly troubleshoot electrical problems and do the repair properly with only the parts you need. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with our service- knowing every aspect of the work is complete, thorough and accurate.

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