The Benefits of Aqua-Hot

Fall has officially arrived! The temperatures here in Arizona may stay nice and balmy, but in other parts of the United States, temperatures are falling. Now is a great time to travel the States and see all the beautiful sites that autumn has to offer. The trip would be made even better if you plan on taking your RV. What better way to enjoy the fall colors and crisp air than to immerse yourself in nature, all with the comforts of home right at your fingertips.

Say you have just gone for a hike to a lovely waterfall. The air is chilly and your bones are worn out. What could be better than a nice, hot shower after your hike? So get in your shower and you turn on the faucet, ready to soak in the warmth from the water… but your water never warms up. Could it be because your significant other has stolen the shower while you were enjoying a few extra breaths of fresh air and now the hot water is gone? Instead of reconsidering kicking out your significant other, consider kicking out your regular propane heating tanks and move to an Aqua-Hot System.

Aqua-Hot is the best system for those chilly autumn days where you are in desperate need of warmth. The Aqua-Hot system can get its energy from shore power, diesel fuel from your RV’s gas tank, or heat from the engine itself. This is a huge improvement from having to fill your propane tanks once a week. What makes the Aqua-Hot system different is its ability to heat water on demand, unlike any other system. It also can provide heating for your RV.

If you’re in the Peoria and Pheonix, Arizona area and are looking for maintenance or repair for your Aqua-Hot Fix My RV AZ can help with any issue you need assistance with. We are a certified Aqua-Hot Heating System Factory Authorized Service Center. Don’t go another second without heating or a nice long shower. Call Fix My RV today to see how we can help!

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