Aqua-Hot Systems Make Camping More Comfortable

Aqua-HotIt is the heart of November and ski season is right around the corner. We cannot wait for the slopes to open in the Rocky Mountains. Hopefully, you are just as excited as we are. Luckily for you, you have your mobile ski resort that you can take to whatever ski resort you like. Not only do we think this is a much more personal option, if your Aqua Hot system is up to date and well maintained, you have the opportunity to have a better vacation than any staying in a high-priced resort.

Many ski slopes are mere hours away from our beautiful Arizona town of Peoria. One of the most popular is Sandia Peak Ski and Tramway. During the summer Sandia provides one of the best mountain biking courses, but during the winter, the slopes offer a wonderland of winter fun. Park at Enchanted Trails RV Park for your park and play family adventure. Spend a day slipping down slopes and come “home” to a wonderful, long, warm shower made possibly by the Aqua Hot Heating System. Find more information about the campground at

If you are looking for another unique adventure a bit further out, you can venture out to Sipapu Ski Resort. Sipapu has its own RV camp ground. Skiing, snowboarding, ski school, and ski rentals are all available at Sipapu. Another perk, if you purchase a lift ticket, they’ll thrown in a RV campsite for free! We think that’s a pretty good deal. If you are interested in visiting Sipapu, visit

As always, make sure you stop by Fix My RV in Peoria to make sure your Aqua Hot system and all other amenities are well maintenance and fully functioning. We promise we will quickly become your go-to RV repair team for all your planned vacations!

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