AquaHot Heating Repair and Maintenance

Winter is coming and we here at Fix My RV in Peoria, Arizona know that winter in this area can be beautiful. There are many sites to see and things to do. Setting off to explore the world in your RV is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature. It can be a great family trip or a fun romantic trip for two. That’s the beauty of a top of the line recreational vehicle – the possibilities are endless. One way to ensure your comfort on your trip is to equip your RV with an AquaHot Hydronic Heating system.

AquaHot is a top of the line heating system for your RV that has many benefits. This energy efficient heating system can heat in 3 days – either by shore power, your RV’s diesel fuel, or the heat off the engine itself. This helps the energy continue for days, even weeks at a time. Planning your vacation around fuel stops and propane fills every seven days can be tedious and annoying, but that won’t be the case when you’re using the AquaHot Hydronic Heating system.

Another major benefit to the AquaHot system is the showers. When you use a regular water heating system, you are limited to a military style shower due to the small heated reservoir in your tank. Choose AquaHot instead and enjoy the benefits of a long hot shower like you were at home. AquaHot can be hooked up to a continuous source of water and heats on demand. It’s no wonder AquaHot is synonymous with absolute luxury.

Choosing an AquaHot system for your home-away-from-home is a great option, but it is also important to note that, like all systems, they must stay in well maintenance. If your AquaHot system is in need of a little TLC after your last long trip, or you need repair on your system, look no further than Fix My RV in Peoria. We are an AquaHot Heating System Factory Authorized Service Center and are ready to go to work for you for all your AquaHot heating repair and maintenance needs. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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