Aqua Hot is the Top Hydronic System on the Market

If you travel a lot in your RV, you know how cumbersome it can be having to refill your propane tanks once every seven days. Planning out stops specifically to refill your tanks can interrupt travel plans. In theory those stops can even shorten the vacation you have been looking forward to for months. Why would you continue to put your vacation at risk of being shortened when you could switch to the most dynamic and energy efficient heating system on the market?

The Aqua Hot system is designed specifically for diesel-powered recreational vehicles. This heating system has been synonymous with luxury in RVs since the 1980’s when the company made the first hydronic heating system on the market. This system can be run off three sources of power – shore electric, diesel fuel from your traveling home, or even the heat from the engine itself. With this kind of technology, you wouldn’t need to plan for extra stops or detours along your way to fill up with propane. The Aqua Hot system also makes sure you keep each room the temperature you like, whether that’s 68 degrees in the bedroom and 73 in the living room.

Another major perk of having an Aqua Hot heating system in your RV that sets it apart from other energy proponents is the endless flow of hot water you will be able to enjoy. No more military showers for you where you pop in to bathe for 3 minutes and suddenly you are bombarded with a wall of ice water. The Aqua Hot system can be hooked up to a steady source of water and instead of keeping a reservoir of heated water in a tank, it heats on demand. That alone would make the installation of the Aqua Hot Heating System in your recreational vehicle worth the switch.

Keeping your Aqua Hot system serviced is important to keeping your RV remarkably comfortable. If you are traveling through Arizona and are in need of AZ RV Aqua Hot Repair or maintenance, feel free to call us at Fix My RV in Peoria. We are an Aqua Hot Factory Authorized Service Center and ready to go to work to keep your RV up to your standards of luxury!

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