Benefits of a Mobile RV Repair Service

why use a mobile RV repair serviceBenefits of a Mobile RV repair service – If you have ever wondered about the pros and cons of a mobile RV repair service, than this article is for you. Typically in our life, when an item is in need of repair, we bring that item to a shop. But when it comes to RVs, that isn’t always the best solution. Using a shop can be costly, timely, and inconvenient so it is a good idea to consider using a mobile repair unit, like Fix-My-RV first.

Why use a mobile RV repair service?

Reason #1 – Convenient

If you live in your RV than where are you going to stay while your RV is being repaired in a shop? RV shops often have an RV for several weeks so that means in addition to the higher hourly service rate charged by shops, you also have to pay to stay in a hotel or become a house-guest of a friend or family member. Neither option sounds appealing.

Reason #2 – Affordable

The hourly charge is considerably higher for a shop than a mobile unit. RV shops have a huge overhead due to the cost of their brick-and-mortar garages. This cost gets passed along to you with their hourly fees. In the Phoenix area, the industry average for RV dealership repair shop fees can be as high as $150 per hour for labor. The mobile RV repair industry does not have these overhead expenses so their hourly fees are considerably less.

Reason #3- Certified RV Technician

Often times an RV repair shop advertises they use certified RV technicians. However, the reality is most often the technicians work under the supervision of a certified RV tech but are not certified themselves. Why does this matter? Because certification is the gold standard in RV repair. Don’t settle for a jack-of-all-trades to work on your RV. At Fix-My-RV all of the direct hands-on-service is done by a certified technician – each and every time. That’s why our customer reviews are so great.Click here to see reviews

We hope the next time you are looking for a mobile RV service in Phoenix or the surrounding area that you give FixMyRV a call. We love what we do, we use only certified technicians, and we are RVers too, so we understand the investment you have made with owning a RV.

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