RV Aqua Hot Heating Systems

Aqua Hot heating systems are a top name in heating and recreational vehicles. This company has been on the forefront of RV heating since the early 80’s when they engineered the first ever product that uses Hydronic heating for RV’s. Since that time, RV owners have loved their products and heaters which upon hitting the […]

AquaHot Heating Repair and Maintenance

Winter is coming and we here at Fix My RV in Peoria, Arizona know that winter in this area can be beautiful. There are many sites to see and things to do. Setting off to explore the world in your RV is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature. It can be […]

Celebrating the National Park Services 100th Anniversary with Unique Coins!

If you are an RVer you have no doubt enjoyed America’s wonderful National Park Services (NPS) parks. This is a special year for the NPS. 2016 marks the centennial anniversary of the NPS and that milestone is being celebrated with some magnificent gold, silver, and clad coins. That’s 100 years of protecting America’s natural, historical […]

DIY RV Water Heater Maintenance

No one likes a cold shower or finding yourself ending a long drive in your RV only to learn your water heater is on the fritz. There are two primary factors that can make heating water difficult; 1. Critters and insects that have nested in your water heater’s flue tube and 2. Poor incoming water […]

RVs Show the Christmas Spirit

During this Christmas Season it’s always fun to see how RVers are showing their Holiday Spirit. Fix My RV has been collecting pictures and I am happy to say we do not a Grinch in the group. Enjoy the pics and remember it is better to give than receive! Merry Christmas.    

A Special Day for the Fix-My-RV Family

We want to express a special thank you to our RV friends for your patience while we took some time off to enjoy our youngest daughter’s wedding day. As all of you know, especially dads who having walked their daughter down that aisle, these are days to cherish forever. It was a special time for […]

A Few Tips for Towing a Fifth-Wheel RV

Towing a fifth wheel or trailer can feel a bit intimidating however with careful planning and preparation you can take a few vital steps to be sure you are safe and roadworthy. For example, check out this video and tell me if you see anything wrong: Did your mouth just drop open like mine did […]

Road Trips: A Favorite Childhood Memory

Road trips are often a part of the Holidays. How many of you remember the melody to “Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go!”  I loved the road trips my family would make from CA to AZ. The seats of the station wagon were laid flat and all of us […]

For Sale and RV Inspection Done: Chinook Maverick 2400!

Have you been looking for a great Class B RV for sale as you prepare to travel the states? Look no further! We just completed an RV inspection on this Chinook Maverick 2400 RV and it is a dream. Here’s a list of the features: 2005 Chinook 2400 Maverick LT Class C 24 feet Ford […]

A List of 6 Must Have Phone Apps for RVers and Campers

Smart phone applications can now become every RVers new best friend. Today’s blog is going to share some great phone apps for RVers and many we have used in our own travels. These apps have helped us either save money, time, or just get a better level of comfort for a campground we know nothing […]