Celebrating the National Park Services 100th Anniversary with Unique Coins!

If you are an RVer you have no doubt enjoyed America’s wonderful National Park Services (NPS) parks. This is a special year for the NPS. 2016 marks the centennial anniversary of the NPS and that milestone is being celebrated with some magnificent gold, silver, and clad coins. That’s 100 years of protecting America’s natural, historical and cultural treasures from all over the United States. These more than 400 beautiful, historic and exquisite sites cover over 80 million acres consisting of approximately 18,000 miles of rails, more than 75,000 archaeological sites and at least 247 species of threatened or endangered plants and animals.

The coins are beautiful and reasonably priced (about $20 each). We are thinking of getting one for our new grandson as a way of sharing our love for nature and America’s treasured parks. How would you share this 100 year treasure?

To learn more about this check out their website at this link: NPS 100th Anniversary Coin

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