Common sense tips for RVing with your pets



Our pets are family members, right? Are you considering RVing with your pet? Many RVers take their pets with them and an RV pet dos-and-don’ts checklist may help if you are considering this. When we are out in our RV, I love seeing the different dogs RVers have. Large, small, long hair, short hair…I have seen them all.  And so today we offer some common sense tips for RVing with your pets. While you think you will remember these tips, it is always good to have an RV pet check list to refer to. For example:

1. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

2. Bring a record of that information should a vet visit along the way be needed.

3. Create a space in the RV for your pet during transportation so it does not become anxious or start having “accidents”.

4. Crate your puppy while traveling. Sudden stops can toss your doggy about leading to harm and potentially leg fractures.

5. Make sure your pet has current ID tags that have your cell phone number on it and not your home phone since you are on the road and unable to answer a home phone.

To receive a list of more common sense tips for RVing with your pet, click on the blue box below. And speaking of common sense, if you have a dog that barks a lot I would just stop here and make a Plan B because a barking dog does not fare well when RVing.


Tips for RVing with Pets


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