Electric RV

We’ve been following the electric RV news and market these last few years. Winnebago launched and ‘all electric RV’ last year, however it was not truly all electric as many of the applications inside of the motor home were not fully using the electric powertrain. New waves have been made though this year with Winnebago and other RV makers, including Motiv’s Ford F53, that have made strides in utilizing an all-electric chassis for the RV. These RV makers can make the air-conditioning, generators, solar panels, inverters, power back-up systems, leveling systems, toilets, shows and plumbing all integrated within this new electrical system. These maker’s, however, understand that this new technology comes with a few limitations that they need to work out. Most of these new types of RV’s are best suited for use as mobile medical units, and mobile classrooms. We are excited to see what the future entails with new electric RV innovations that are greener.

If you are landing on this page to learn more about our electric RV troubleshooting services, and maintenance assistance, you should call us at 623-875-5015. Our Mobile RV Repair Phoenix service technicians can come out and assess what sorts of RV electrical issues are occurring and ensure that you are back up and running with virtually hardly any downtime. Electrical problems are a common problem for RV owners. You can easily misunderstand the relationship between your battery volts, amps and watts. Any misunderstanding of these electrical features can cause you to not have enough power needed to operate certain appliances, or overload your RV’s electrical system.  You don’t want to be left without RV air conditioning, and other important features that your RV’s electrical grid sends power to.

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