TIP: Storing Your RV

storage-717111If your trailer is to be stored for an extended period of time or over the winter/summer, it is important the trailer be prepared properly.  FIX MY RV provides these services for a nominal fee (please call for additional information and our service rates), but if you want to do this yourself, here are tips to make the job done right:

1.     Drain and flush the black water holding tank (two flushes is good)

2.     Drain the Gray water holding tank, if you can flush it a couple of times also.

3.     Be sure to leave a full bowl of water in the toilet and seal lube as instructed by manufacturer.  This will help prevent odors and gases from entering your RV and also keep the toilet seal from drying out.

4.     If the trailer is to be stored in a region that has freezing conditions please follow your manufacturer’s instructions for winterizing the RV.

5.     If possible put the trailer on blocks to take all loading off the tires

6.     Jack up the trailer and place on jack stands, locate the jack stands under the trailer frame rails (never under the axle tubes or on the equalizer) to take the load off the tires.  If unable to place the RV on jack stands it is a good idea to place a protective barrier between the tire and and the storage floor/ground surface.  This barrier could be cardboard, plywood or plastic.  We use plastic for our RV.

7.     Thoroughly clean the tires using a soft brush and mild soap.  This will remove road grime and oils that can deteriorate tires.  If parked outside use tire covers to keep sun off the tires. (Camping World has tire covers).  Plywood works good too just be sure to anchor it real good.

8.     While in the storage the tires will loose air pressure so be sure to inflate the tires including the spare tire to proper operating pressure before towing. 

9.     Remove the batteries (if possible) and place in doors out of the weather.  Charge the batteries every 30 days and keep the cells topped off with distilled water being careful not to over fill.  The water level should be just at the bottom of the fill port.

10.  Lubricate all mechanical moving parts such as the trailer coupler/hitch and suspension parts that are exposed to the weather.

11.  303 Protectant is an aerospace product that is used to reduce the damaging effects of the sun on rubber gaskets and seals.  Follow the directions and apply to all exposed rubber seals and gaskets on the outside of your RV.

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