Hornet’s Nest in Your Furnace

rv equipment While annual maintenance recommendations may seem optional, the truth is there are things occurring in your equipment that are unseen. If equipment is left unattended, the consequences can be costly and disruptive.

Watch this short video to learn why annual furnace maintenance is needed – especially before winter season! 


The THINGS we find when we do normal inspections!

RV owners — especially those who travel during colder months (winter travel) — should be proactive in preparing the forced-air heating system for those days and nights when the thermometer dips.

Call an RV Maintenance Professional

An RV forced-air furnace is a sealed combustion system, so it is relatively easy for coach owners to perform a few maintenance procedures to ensure that warm air will circulate when needed. As in the example above, a simple, DIY inspection would reveal an easy to remove issue – such as hornets in your furnace. However, as with any propane-burning appliance, it is still crucial that the delivery line pressure be measured and adjusted; the regulator be tested; and a deeper cleaning be performed periodically.

It is also a great idea to have the complete propane piping system tested for leaks at least once per camping season.

But there are a few simple steps all motorhome owners can follow to avoid labor costs. I’ve always maintained that the four crucial areas regarding the RV forced-air furnace are as follows:

  • Cleanliness of the furnace
  • Proper routing of the ductwork
  • Return airflow
  • DC voltage input

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