Learn the Basics About RV Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Fix My RV Can Help You Avoid Costly RV Furnace Repair!

Your furnace can be the most temperamental appliance inside your RV. The ignition system can perform flawlessly for weeks and then out of blue, completely fail. The system can run quiet and purr like a well-oiled machine, and suddenly start screeching and vibrating with the flip of a switch. Furnace issues can be challenging for any RV owner to face, so your best choice will be to hire a professional and certified RV technician to handle your RV furnace problems.

Periodic inspection of your RV furnace will help aid you in avoiding future problems. Even if you can hear your furnace running and feel warm air coming from your vents, your furnace could still use some attention. The older your RV, the more important it is to have your furnace routinely inspected. Your safety depends on it!

An inadequately maintained furnace can injure both you and your family if not given proper maintenance and attention. While there are numerous safety features built into your RV furnace, these safety features and your unit’s operational efficiency rest on you, the owner.

You should always check the three following points while doing a personal furnace inspection before your trip:

1. Check the outside vents for soot (soot is a byproduct of improper combustion and means you have a problem with your furnace).
2. Check your air return vents (they should be free of dust and never obstructed).
3. Check your heat ducts at the furnace (they should be properly secured and not leaking).

Since your furnace operates using gas (a dangerous and flammable material), you should never skip this all-important inspection before any trip or vacation. And if you notice a problem with your furnace, if you hear something strange, or if your heat doesn’t seem to be as warm as it used to, contact the team at FixMyRVAZ for Arizona RV furnace repair.

Fix My RV is owned and operated by Jeff Averyt, a certified Master RV Technician that specializes in quality results and fine attention to detail. At Fix My RV we take the time to thoroughly troubleshoot and complete your Arizona RV furnace repair properly with only the parts you need. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our service- knowing every aspect of the work is complete, thorough and accurate.

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