Learn How to Avoid Costly RV Refrigerator Repair

Is your RV refrigerator running?

Well you better go catch it!

The refrigerator inside of your RV is different than the one in your house. An RV refrigerator doesn’t use a compressor, or any moving parts at all. They work instead off of the principals of heat removal, or absorption. Instead of applying cold to the air inside of the unit, the heat instead is drawn outside of it. Where there is an absence of heat, there is cold.

If you notice that your RV refrigerator is running less efficiently than you think it should be, there are several ways to help your refrigerator do its job better.

1. Your RV MUST be on level ground.

Over time, a cooling unit operated while parked on uneven ground will be permanently damaged. Both older and new RV refrigerators must be precisely leveled for optimum performance. When the liquids and gases inside the unit remain stationary in an out of level position for an extended period of time, it can cause a lot of damage to your RV refrigerator.

2. The initial process for your RV refrigerator to cool itself inside can take anywhere from four to six hours.
You should turn on your unit the day before you plan to leave on your trip (and before you put any food in it). You should also stock your RV refrigerator with food that is already cold, and your freezer with food that is already frozen. This way, your unit will be working less to cool itself down after you stock it.

3. Do not overstock your refrigerator.

There should be sufficient space between your foods to allow air to circulate throughout the compartment.

4. Purchase and install a small, battery-operated refrigerator fan.
A fan will improve air circulation inside your RV refrigerator and can reduce that initial cool-down time by up to 50 percent.

If you keep these simple tips in mind whenever you are ready for your next RV adventure, your RV refrigerator will run both easier and more efficiently.

However, if you notice that after following these steps, your unit is still not operating the way it should, you may need RV refrigerator repair.

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