Mobile RV Repair Phoenix

With colder weather fast approaching, an important step to take care of your RV is to winterize it and Mobile RV Repair Phoenix company Fix-My-RV can help.

Winterizing your RV can help keep it in great shape so it will be ready for the spring. Before you start winterizing your RV, there are a few items that you need including non-toxic RV antifreeze, water heater by-pass kit, wand to clean out holding tanks, a water pump converter kit and your basic tools.

While there are a number of items to do while you are winterizing your RV, it is extremely important to check your owner’s manual for specific directions to your RV.

The steps for most RVs, however, include to drain the fresh water as well as the gray and black holding tanks, drain the water heater, drain all water lines, by-pass the water heater, load antifreeze into the lines as well as turning off the electric water heater.

As mentioned, it is important to check your owner’s manual to be sure that you don’t miss a step that is specific to your particular RV.

If a “DIY” project is something you aren’t excited about, Fix-My-RV can help you get ready for the colder temperatures as a leading mobile RV repair phoenix service provider. From repairs to yearly service, we work to be sure you have the peace of mind that everything is complete and done the right way. If you have any questions about your RV appliances, systems, or products, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for Mobile RV Repair Phoenix, contact the professionals at Fix My RV AZ for more information.

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