Is Your RV Overweight?

rv repair phoenix Is your RV OVERWEIGHT?  Putting your RV on a diet may just be one of the safest things you can do for your family.  As far as RV Safety goes overloading your RV is very often times overlooked. It’s a good idea to review the GVWR for your RV and to have it weighed with no gear on board.  You will want to know the front and rear axle weights and then the weight of driver side and passenger side of the vehicle.  Your RV has been designed to handle certain weights and driving or towing your RV when overloaded is not only extremely dangerous but will also cause undo wear and tear on your investment.  Adding a trailer for the heavier items may be something to consider? You can have your RV properly weighed at the local truck stop, it will run you about $45.  Keep your investment safe for you and your loved ones and don’t overload.


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