Road Trips: A favorite childhood memory

rving road tripsI loved the road trips my family would make from CA to AZ. The seats of the station wagon were laid flat and all of us kids piled in blankets, pillows and a few toys and spent hours talking, make-believing, and playing games like the license plate game or 20 questions. These trips make indelible memories and add a sweetness to our childhood experience. And the great part about it is that it doesn’t have to end with childhood! Whether you are in a travel trailer, motor-home, or the family car the trip will be just as fun. To assist you with this we have a link to a map that leads you to 11 popular road trips, information about the states you travel through, and great stops to make. The link is here from our friends at Road Trip USA –

Check it out. Plan a trip. Make a memory. Enjoy the sites!

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