RV A/C unit repair may be avoided by having annual maintenance check performed.

ac_finsLack of annual A/C maintenance for RVs and damage from hail storms can greatly contribute to A/C inefficiences that, over time, will lead to your RV A/C unit no longer working. These repairs can be costly and some warrenty policies only cover part of the expense. However, routine RV A/C maintenance and early detection of minor issues will extend the life of your unit. Because A/C maintenance checks require one to get on the roof and remove the A/C shroud, some are not comfortable with doing their own maintenance checks. That’s when you want to call Fix-My-RV for A/C maintenance and we will certainly do this for you. This 3 minute video shows how dust, hair, pet dander and hail storm damage can impact your A/C’s performance.


It’s a powerful reminder that a small gradual build up of neglect can lead to very costly repairs in your future. To schedule your RV A/C maintenance check today, call Fix-My-RV at 623-875-5015.

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