RV Furnace Repair Can Save Your Trip

rv furnace repairWe live in one of the warmest places of the United States. With the average high being in the 50’s in winter, it’s easy to forget why your mobile home might need routine RV furnace repair and maintenance. When you plan to travel anywhere, make sure your RV is in tip top shape and call Fix My RV. Whether you’re traveling to a cold location or a warm location, you want your temperature controls to be working properly.

If you’re planning on visiting the mountains to the north, you know it gets chilly there from time to time, especially at high elevations. Say you get all the way up the mountain, in a remote area, and it’s cold. Obviously you’ve held that heat in all the way from Phoenix, but now your furnace is only blowing cold air. Before you head out, be sure to stop in by Fix My RV and schedule your RV furnace repair appointment so you can stay warm for your trip.

Or on the other spectrum, say you’re traveling to Texas, and the weather in Arizona is mild but you’re planning on it being sweltering near the beaches of Padre Island. Yes, you’ll have the ocean to cool you off, but what happens if your AC unit is on the fritz at night while you sleep? Ensure a good night’s sleep by calling Fix My RV and scheduling routine maintenance on your cooling unit.

We can fix more than just temperature issues. Antenna spazzing out? Call Fix My RV. Battery issues? Call Fix My RV. Don’t get stranded on your vacation due to an RV issue with no one there to help. Or, if you are visiting the Phoenix and Peoria area from out of town and find you have a problem with your RV, our team at Fix My RV will travel to you! Call us today for all your RV needs.

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