A Beginner’s Guide to Sanitizing Your RV Plumbing System

The Importance of RV Plumbing System Sanitation

When most people think of plumbing systems, they think of…well…toilets. But the plumbing system in your RV is responsible for all of the water that you drink, bathe in, and cook with during your travels, so it is very important to keep your system as clean as possible. If you notice a strange or stagnant smell, or if your water becomes less palatable, it is definitely time to sanitize your RV water tank.

The Sanitation Process

Standing water is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria, so at the end of every trip you take in your RV, be sure to drain both your freshwater and hot water tank. You should turn on the shower and faucets and let them run until your tank is empty, and open the spigot on your water tank itself if you have one.

When your tank is fully empty, you can close the spigot and turn off your shower and faucets. The best and most effective sanitizing process recommended by the professional technicians at Fix My RV is a simple solution that utilizes household bleach. For every 10 gallons of water that your RV water tank holds, use 1 cup of bleach (so if your tank holds 100 gallons of water, you’ll need 10 cups of bleach). Fill your tank halfway, add the bleach according to the ratio above, then fill the tank the rest of the way with freshwater.

After adding in the bleach, turn on your water pump and run both your faucets and shower again until you begin to smell the bleach in the water coming from the nozzles. Once you smell the solution making its way out of your faucets, turn the water off and take your RV for a drive around the block. The motion of the road will agitate and spread the solution around your water tank. Leaving the bleach solution in your tank overnight will ensure optimal sanitation.

The next day, turn your water pump back on and run your shower and faucets until the tank is drained. Refill and rinse the tank with freshwater, draining the water back out through your faucets until the smell of bleach has dissipated. Refill your tank a few times to make sure that all of the bleach is rinsed away. We reccommend that you leave your water tank empty until your next trip (remember- standing water breeds bacteria!).

Preventative Maintenance and RV Plumbing System Repair

This preventative maintenance can keep your system pipes from collecting nasty residue throughout your travels and can help you avoid costly RV plumbing system repair. The professionals at Fix My RV recommend this process be completed for your RV every 6 months of regular use, or after 1 month of sitting without use.

Fix My RV is owned and operated by Jeff Averyt, a certified Master RV Technician that specializes in quality results and fine attention to detail. At Fix My RV we take the time to thoroughly troubleshoot RV plumbing system issues and do the repair properly with only the parts you need. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our service- knowing every aspect of the work is complete, thorough and accurate.

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