Site Seeing America the Beautiful

rving in us What I love most about RVing is that I have the option to go off the  beaten path, as in boondocking, or see the touristy sites of our destination without having to pack /unpack my luggage with every stop. To me, RVing is the best method of travel. That being said, the toughest part about RVing is deciding where to go, what to see, and what to do. Why? Because America has so many places to visit and sites to see that it is hard to pick from the numerous options. Well, to help you in this area, I am including a link to an article that provides you a list of all 50 states and THE ONE THING you ought to check out if you could only see one thing. A bucket list, if you will. Items include restaurants to eat at, unusual sites to see (such as the “Butter-cow” in Iowa that is the picture seen in this post), activities such as a jazz festival or nature at it’s best. It’s a good place to start to get the ideas rolling so enjoy the reading and then make your own list!


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