Tailgating with an RV

As fall continues to cool down, the action on the football field continues to heat up which makes it a perfect time to tailgate with your RV. To get your RV “tailgate ready,” AZ Mobile RV repair Fix-My-RV is your go-to company in the Phoenix area.

There are several reasons why you should take your RV or camper to your next tailgate. Ever had trouble fitting all the chairs, grills and coolers in the car – not to mention your four tailgating partners? With an RV, you will have space for everything and more.

Another popular reason is that you have a full kitchen at your disposal. You won’t have to worry about keeping the coolers with ice as you have a refrigerator steps away. It also gives you the freedom to cook with just about anything – not just a grill – because you have power.

In addition to cooking, power is another popular reason to take your RV tailgating. You will have the ability to power a TV, AC or heat and keep your cell phone charged for the entire day.

Tailgating lots aren’t known for the nicest bathrooms, but you won’t have to worry about that if you take your RV or camper to the stadium with you. No waiting in lines is a great thing especially when it comes to using a clean bathroom.

For those long days at the stadium, an RV or camper also provides you with a nice escape from the elements. When it is hot, you have the air conditioner and you have the heat on those cold blustery days. Rain hampering the activities? In your RV, you can keep the tailgate moving in out of the weather.

To get your RV or camper “tailgate ready,” call AZ Mobile RV repair Fix-My-RV today.

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