The Benefits of Choosing an Aqua Hot System

Aqua Hot System vs. Propane Water Heater

There are many benefits to installing an Aqua Hot System inside your RV. Most RV’s come standard with two propane heaters, one in the front, and one in the back. The propane heaters on your RV work just like the ones in your house- they use propane gas to keep a tank full of hot water ready at all times.

This system works fine in residential homes, as both the propane tank and the water heater tank are usually fairly large and your family will not run out of hot water or fuel very often. However, on an RV, a propane heater requires a lot of energy, and during the colder winter months, your tanks can run out of fuel every seven or eight days. It can become a huge hassle to have to refill your tanks every week!

When you do run out of fuel, bigger RVs have to pull up their stakes and drive to the nearest propane retailer, and folks with smaller trailers have to disconnect the tanks and head over in your toad. And if you decide to take an extended winter vacation, you better think to rent and tow a bigger tank for your trip, and set it up near your site.

So when it comes down to hot water and warmth, the professional RV technicians at Fix My RV recommend that you purchase and install an Aqua-Hot heating system. They work on demand, with no tank, heating the water you need just ahead of its use. An Aqua Hot System can gather the energy it needs to operate in three different ways:
1. It can use electricity from the campground power outlet where you are plugged in, or shore power.
2. It can use the diesel fuel from your main engine’s gas tank.
3. If can use the heat coming from the engine itself if you have one of those Class A or C campers that are drivable.
4. Or any combination of these!

Your Aqua Hot system will heat both your water and the your itself. Because of these two demands on this complex system, if you experience trouble with your Aqua Hot system you should contact the professionals at FixMyRVAZ. We are proud to serve our customers as an Aqua-Hot Factory Authorized Service Center.

Fix My RV is owned and operated by Jeff Averyt, a certified Master RV Technician that specializes in quality results and fine attention to detail. At Fix My RV we take the time to thoroughly troubleshoot your Aqua Hot System and do the repair properly with only the parts you need. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with our service- knowing every aspect of the work is complete, thorough and accurate.

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