Tips for Selling an RV

RV_for_SaleIf you are thinking about selling your RV you often have one-shot to engage a possible buyer into considering yours. And if you are thinking of using the internet to sell your RV you really need to  provide excellent information in order to be taken seriously and get top dollar for your RV sale. In this aspect, attention to detail does equate to dollar signs. That’s why we have provided tips for selling an RV. And when using the internet to sell your RV, you really need to know what you are doing. Here are a few tips for posting an RV for sale online to get you on your way:

1. Post clear pictures and lots of them.

2. Include a RV floor-plan image

3. Include as much information as possible in the description, more is better

4. Make sure to post what needs to be repaired, no body likes bad surprises

5. Respond to questions on your listing, this will create more buzz around your RV and generate more interest (maybe even a higher selling price)

6. If potential buyers have additional questions about the RV, ask them to post it on the listing so all other shoppers can read it and your reply.

Another great idea is to provide an RV Pre-Purchase Inspection and have Fix-My-RV do this for you. We conduct a thorough review of internal systems such as water heater, furnace, refrigerator, electrical systems, and more. By doing this, the potential buyer will be fully aware of the condition the RV is in and not fear something will go wrong once they have made this purchase.

We hope you have found the tips for selling an RV helpful.

Call Fix My RV for aRV Pre-Purchase Inspectionat 623-875-5015

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