Purchasing an RV commits you to all of its maintenance, upkeep, and performance issues that can occur throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Whether you are buying from a seller’s lot or a private owner, you should always get your new-to-you or used RV inspected before your purchase.

All gas appliances, TVs, sound systems, satellite systems, plumbing systems, propane gas systems, storage tank valves, and both the house and chassis batteries should all be inspected for proper operation and safety. The class and model of RV that you are interested in purchasing will determine how many different systems should be thoroughly checked and inspected before you pull out your wallet.

Fix-My-RV is happy to provide Arizona RV inspections for most makes and models of Recreational Vehicles (1995-current year). We offer our clients an inexpensive and detailed Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) report that will list out any repairs you may need in the possible near future.

Call Fix-My-RV today to schedule an appointment with our professional RV inspectors in Arizona. Don’t take a chance when it comes to RV performance- get an RV inspection and keep your family safe and sound.