Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator in your RV is one of the most crucial appliances, capable of turning your recreational vehicle into a true home on wheels. And an RV refrigerator that fails to keep your food at the proper temperature can mean lost meals and disaster for your family’s vacation.

Not only can a broken RV refrigerator start to smell unpleasant, but being unable to enjoy a home cooked meal in your RV can add costly restaurant meals to your trip. It is extremely important to keep your refrigerator cleaned, maintained, and running well so that the unit may continue to function correctly throughout its lifespan.

In the event of a refrigerator system failure, or if at any time you notice a strong or strange odor coming from the unit, call Fix-My-RV at 623-875-5015 as soon as you can- we service all Dometic and Norcold products, and can provide mobile RV refrigerator repair assistance to all areas surrounding Phoenix, AZ.