Who is really working on your RV?

Want to know who is really working on your RV? Anyone can call themselves an RV repairman these days and claim to be the best at fixing any problem with your recreational vehicle that might arise while you are on the road in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, however Fix-My-RV may be the ONLY RV repair service Phoenix that is owned and operated by a true RV technician that has graduated from the RV Training Center in Clearwater, Florida.

rv repair phoenix azAs a Certified Master RV Technician Jeff Averyt has an extensive background in maintenance and RV repair. You cannot acquire the type of certification that we have without going to the training center and taking part in their hands-on training and classroom curriculum. When you choose Fix-My-RV for your RV maintenance and repairs in the Phoenix area you can rest well knowing that your RV home is in the best hands. If you choose some other company, you really do not know who is really working on your RV unless you check their ratings and reviews on pertinent websites, and the BBB.

Fix-My-RV mobile RV repair can be reached at 623-875-5015. We do not claim to be the fastest, or the cheapest mobile RV repair service in the area, however we do ensure that our workmanship is the very best, and that the solution to your RV problem is not one that we simply band-aid. We’ll get you on the road again! Call us today!

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